The basic objective of meditation is to enable an individual to become in outer manifestation what she or he is in inner reality.

There are two types of meditation -- mystical and esoteric or occult. Don't let the word occult dissuade you. "The term occult concerns the hidden forces of being and those springs of conduct which produce the objective manifestation" (A Treatise on White Magic, p. 10). The word occultism has been degraded to imply evil cultism. In reality, it is the science of energy flow and energy relationships. Energy per se is impersonal and can be used for good or evil.

The most powerful energy available to us at the present time is that of love, a heart/soul energy. The dictionary defines occult as that which is hidden or concealed; secret or esoteric; mysterious and esoteric as intended for or understood by only a chosen few, as an inner group of disciples or initiates: said of ideas, doctrines, literature, etc.; confidential, private.

Mystical forms of meditation depend upon an active feeling nature and an intense desire for spiritual union; or for some personal spiritual experience. This type of meditation tends to be introspective and self-centered.

Esoteric or occult meditation builds upon whatever mystical experience may have occurred. The goal is no longer personal illumination and inspiration, but the right use of meditation to serve in the upliftment and transformation of humanity and the world in which we live. Esoteric or occult meditation is a method of cooperating with the process of planetary evolution and redemption.


Effective esoteric (occult) meditation depends on the quality, the motive, the states of consciousness, the spiritual status and the defined purpose of the meditator. It involves a focussed mind, the capacity to visualize, an ability to build thoughtforms and to use the creative imagination, plus an accurate grasp of the soul's intent. It involves also a focussed consciousness.  Consciousness is response to the energy infusing human hearts and minds.

Esoteric (occult) meditation involves the use of the mind in connection with the heart. Clearly directed thought in meditation, with the mind held steady in the light of the soul, is a scientific means of contacting those major aspects of the life force we call light and love and power, giving them right interpretation, and directing them, in the form of ideas and planning, into specific activity.

Meditation is a scientific technique which can be relied upon to produce results if followed through with care and precision. Esoteric (occult) meditation is the practice of establishing right relationships.

(Excerpted, in part, from The Science of Meditation, Lucis Publishing, New York, undated.) For a complete copy of this book, contact Lucis Trust at

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