The Human Constitution

Esoteric psychology views the human entity as a total organism, a living system, composed of smaller parts or systems. These smaller systems are influenced by energies and forces that activate those atoms of which the systems are composed. The systems are defined as follows:

1. The physical or outer form.

2. The etheric (vital or energy) body. The etheric or energy body underlies or is the basis of the physical form.

3. The emotional body.

4. The mental body which is in itself a triple manifestation: lower or concrete mind, soul of mind, and abstract or higher mind.

These major bodies form:

5. The integrated personality.

There are two other bodies termed:

6. The soul.

7. The monad.

Esoteric psycho-spiritual practice proceeds with the integration of the physical/etheric, emotional and mental into the integrated personality. The next step is the integration of the personality with the soul and finally the soul/personality with the monad. This is not a definitely linear process, however. All is proceeding according to the plan of the Soul or SELF and integration is occurring at all levels simultaneously. Energies influence each of the bodies in a specific manner and through a particular vortex, wheel, center or chakra.

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