There are many people who claim to be able to "balance chakras" and "clean" the aura. While these purveyors of new age metaphysics may actually do some good, I personally have my doubts. This doubt results from a study of available books and reports as well as personal investigation.

The investigation was part of the process of completing a masters thesis. Because the thesis is copyrighted as a book manuscript, no portion of the following material may be reproduced in any form by any means.

Using the writings of Blavatsky, Bailey and Roerich concerning the influence of thought energy on the aura, I participated in a limited experiment dealing with energy. With the cooperation of Barbara Thompson of Divine Visions (P. O. Box 556, Sonoma, CA 95476, telephone 707-935-7635) an aura photographer, a photo session was held wherein some photos were taken of me. My prupose was to determine if thought could influence or change the color of an individual aura.

The Master Morya made some comments in the book Leaves of Morya's Garden, Vol. II (the Agni Yoga Society, 1925, p. 214, New York, NY) which are paraphrased here. He stated that thought is "incredibly rapid" and that it is a "reflex of the spirit." Our "realized thoughts" can change the aura just as does those "errant flies of our spirit reservoir" of which we are unaware. This is not an exceptional ability, he tells us, but is common to all of us. Open-mindedness will reveal that a "single fleeting thought" can change the color of the aura. These thoughts may appear to us as secret yet they do affect the aura. Proof is available through a "measuring scale," he states. Is this what we now call aura photography?

After perusing the following photos, all taken within a 15 minute time span, we might question the effectiveness of the attempt to "clear" auras and "balance chakras."

The photos were scanned through a Logitech PageScan and left their original size for clarity. I tried to reduce them but some color was lost and since I'm not an expert at working with color or scanning, hopefully these photos will suffice to give an indication of the experiment. If you have difficulty viewing the photos, look for the white hair (sometimes just a small white blob) in each photo.

When I entered Barbara's studio, she asked me to "please sit in the chair so I can test the camera." Picture number one is the result of this spontaneous action.

Results of Photo #1
Upon viewing the result, with the dominance of red, I commented that a photo taken about a year previously had been another color. I commented also that I wondered if, by thought, I could change the color in the next photo. Barbara asked me not to divulge which color I would attempt. As the photo was developing, Barbara asked me what color I was thinking and I told her gold. Photo number two is the result of this test.

Results of Photo #2
This photo shows the results of my experiment of attempting to influence the aura by holding the thought of gold.

I had wondered in the past if thought is directional, bi-directional, omni-directional. The following photos indicate the result of my standing in various positions, i.e., front, back, sides, etc. Some are taken of the head area only, while the later ones include the area extending to the hips. Throughout the remaining photo session, I attempted to hold the thought of peace and calmness only. Have you tried to hold one thought that long? The effort was there if not the reality.

Results of Photo #3
A view from the back of the head area.

Results of Photo #4
This back of the head view followed #3 within two minutes.

Results of Photo #5
A view of the right size to about the waist.

Results of Photo #6
Photo Six is a view from the left side to about the waist.

Results of Photo #7
Photo Seven show a front view extending to the hips.

Results of Photo #8
Photo Eight is a full back view extending to the hips.

Results of Photo #9
Photo Nine is a front view extending to below the hips.

Results of Photo #10
Photo Ten is a back view extending to below the hips.

This experiment had far-reaching implications in my own growth process. One major effect in my thinking is that when I think I am most calm and at peace, there is much activity going on at levels I do not even comprehend. I am beginning to scratch the surface only. The psychological ramifications of such an experiment can be very beneficial in that it leads to greater efforts toward personality/soul integration. It might give also an indication of the complexity involved when attempting to "clear" someone's aura.

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