About Us


BoRupp Productions is an educational organism dedicated to the establishment of right human relations.

Right human relations is based on inclusive thinking, recognizing each individual as part of a greater whole. Diversity is one of the most significant characteristics of our planet and the acceptance of everyone and everything as an integral part of this great living, breathing entity is the basis of right human relations. Diversity, therefore, is a characteristic of this site. You will find bits and pieces of information ranging from the material to the spiritual.

The Thinking Heart conducts relationship, stress management, addiction and spiritual workshops as well as private, group and organizational consulting. For further information select the e-mail button.

NOTE: The information presented here regarding Lucis Trust does not imply their sponsorship of this site. The responsibility rests with the site administrator and those individuals who contribute to it. Borupp Productions assumes no liability for comments made by individual authors or contributors.



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